Don’t Fall For The Clickbait

avoid clickbait

Clickbait. The bane of our online lives. What did Supreme Court Judge Stewart say about porn? I know it when I see it. Clickbait, like porn, is difficult to define and may very well be indefinable. Its purpose is to elicit a response which leads an online user to click on a title of dubious veracity. An article or post no reasonable person would waste time reading if the content was known beforehand. Continue reading “Don’t Fall For The Clickbait”

Do Entrepreneurs Have To Choose Between Health Or Wealth?

Striking A Work Life Balance:

Call me greedy if you like but I want both. We all know the struggles of maintaining the work and exercise balance. If managed correctly the two can feed off of each other. According to the New York Times, The Health Tradeoffs of Entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs report more stress related health problems. Staying fit has proven to help alleviate those problems. Continue reading “Do Entrepreneurs Have To Choose Between Health Or Wealth?”

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