Ten Little Things We All Can Do To Make The World A Little Better

With living in a polite society comes a set of unwritten rules. Most know them but do not all adhere to them. With that in mind I have compiled a list of ten things we all can do to avoid causing others delay or aggravation. The overarching theme is: Don’t be a Hindrance.

  1. The first, and maybe most important, thing to do is to have the right attitude. Go about everyday with the goal of not being in anyone’s way. I will try my best to not be a hindrance to anyone today.
  2. Be prepared when it is your turn. Whether it be in line at the store or the drive through. It is only the proper thing to do to be ready to pay. People are waiting.
  3. After finishing your business at the drive thru ATM please pull off an appropriate distance to organize yourself so that the person behind you can begin their transaction. It is a simple courtesy.
  4. Open the door for a stranger and smile. A simple gesture is just that. A simple gesture. Smiling at someone is the benefit. Smiling makes everyone happy.
  5. Do not drive slow in the fast lane. If there are cars behind you and cars passing you on the right then you are in the wrong lane. SHEEESH. How many times do we have to go over this?
  6. Do not litter. Take your trash home. This is a simple concept. If you created the trash then you are responsible for the trash. No one should be responsible for the trash you create.
  7. Be polite regardless of the situation. Stay above the fray. Words and ideas solve problems. Set the example.
  8. Park between the lines. It is an extremely simple task but yet it seems beyond some people. Pretend like you are the next driver looking for a spot when you place that vehicle.
  9. Put the cell phone away. No one wants to hear your loud conversation in a public place especially while waiting in line or on public transportation. Have some couth.
  10.  Do not text and drive. Stop texting while driving and pay attention to your surroundings. You are not on an island. Stop being a menace.
  11. *Bonus Tip* Share this with all of your friends so they can go about making the world a little bit better!

These are just a few little things we all can do and creates no turmoil in your life, doesn’t waste any time, and costs absolutely nothing. What if everyone left their home everyday with such a simple attitude. Don’t be a hindrance. I have a few other little things in mind and I am sure I may have missed a few. If any of my readers have any suggestions please feel free to contact me and I will put together another list. For now, go out there and do the little things to make the world a little better.

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