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This may feel a little self-serving but there is a broader idea I want to share. I do not think anyone would argue that reading will improve many necessary skills such as writing and comprehension. Skills needed every day in every job and in every little part of every life. Even if you struggle to read or dislike reading it is a good idea to try to get better. Turn the time you spend in the bathroom every day into a few minutes of quiet reading time. It is OK if it takes six months or a year to finish a book. Just finish it and find another. If you struggle to read then read about how to improve your reading skills or why you struggle. If you dislike reading then read about your favorite hobby. Do you like swimming? Buy a swimming magazine or book and dive in. Is fishing your thing? Buy a Field and Stream and get hooked. Just get started and expand from there. You will be setting a good example for the people around you and your children. If they see you grappling with a task but you persevere you are teaching your children a life lesson. There is no excuse. You can do it. 

reading a book about beer while drinking a beer

If you buy a new book then buy more than one. Buy one to read and give the others away. Everyone has seen the little free libraries in almost every neighborhood. Leave the extra book there. You may find a gem for yourself. You will be spreading knowledge. 

If you do not want to give it away then exchange it at the nearest used bookstore. You will be supporting a local small business and likely acquiring the next book for yourself. 

If you read more you will be doing a little self-improvement, spreading knowledge, and supporting local small businesses. By reading more you will be making the world a better place.

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