Be Informed

It sounds easy but with overwhelming access to virtually all the information it has become bewilderingly difficult. Today, you can learn everything about everything anytime. An infinite amount of knowledge combined with an infinite amount of ignorance has become an oxymoron. 

Being informed allows people to become part of something larger. A community of well informed citizens allows humanity to grow into a better example of itself. To live without at least a working knowledge of what is important weakens the entire community like a missing piece makes a puzzle incomplete.

Being informed protects against being taken advantage of or being victimized. It can be tough to be a well-informed citizen but no one ever promised it would be easy. In a society as complex as what we have today it is incumbent for everyone to make an effort to be informed. Being ignorant of the issues allows dishonest or incompetent leaders to acquire and keep office. Take the extra step to verify the information you are handed. Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated by a charlatan posing as an expert.

The most important aspect of being informed is the ability to apply critical thinking to the information and changing your position when confronted with new evidence. Too many people will not accept facts and evidence that does not support their preconceived notions or simply will not go looking for information that refutes that notion. This is vital. How else can bad policies be changed or improved? How else can bad leaders be replaced? It is a sure sign of a mature and self aware individual that they can change their minds when new facts or evidence come to light.

A knowledgeable citizenry leads to better decision making and more effective policies. It will shine a glaring light on corruption and any kind of bigotry. Be a good citizen and help make the world a better place by being informed.

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