Be A Good Neighbor

When I say neighbor I mean more than the person that lives in the residence next to you but that is a good place to start. It does mean much more than that. What does it mean to be a good neighbor?

I’m not sure I know exactly what it means but I think I will try to keep it simple. It does start with the people that live next to you or down the street from you. What better place to start? If you want good neighbors you have to first be a good neighbor. It does not matter what resources you can bring to bear. If those resources are very little then maybe all you can do is to be a good neighbor to the people closest to you. If that is all you can do then do it. The little things count. A smile and wave on your way to work just might brighten a day, even for just a moment. A helping hand bringing in the groceries or a positive word of encouragement are the smallest of gestures that can have bigger implications. I do believe in the ripple effect of good deeds. If you can go bigger then get busy. 

If you are broke but in good health then you can volunteer your time. Being a good neighbor means helping when and how you can. Don’t be a burden. Be a force for good in your neighborhood. Be a good neighbor when no one is watching. Be a good neighbor when there is no benefit in it. Be a good neighbor because you can. Being a good neighbor can make the world a better place. 

Girl is in bushes of hydrangea flowers in blooming garden. Young woman greets neighbors or welcomes guests and visitors. Concept of countryside life style, gardening, hospitality.
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