Any Beerly Things To Do This Weekend?

Set of many beer glasses with different beer isolate on white background

How hard is it to add a word to the English language? To be specific, add to the lexicon of the lovers of beer. An adjective that cuts to the chase and tells me what I want to know. An attribute that clarifies concisely so I can get to the crux of the matter. Beerly. The word of the day. Allow me to elaborate.  

*ring* *ring*

The Rick, “Moshi Moshi”.

Beerly Friend, “Salutations, I am having a select few of my boon companions over to contemplate the meaning of life. Would you like to partake good sir?”

The Rick, “HMMMM, tell me more my esteemed colleague?”

Beerly Friend, “It will be a beerly event.”

The Rick, “WOO HOO, wheels up in ten minutes. Text me the address.”

Even for someone as verbose as my beerly friend above my new modifier has removed the ambiguity from his invitation and allowed me to make an informed decision. Let’s get the definition straight.

Beerly     /birlee/Adjective

  1. A word that adds a description to an event or gathering that instantly lets the listener know that the fun inducing beverage, beer, will be served at said occasion.

Well, there you have it. Let’s get crackin’.

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