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I took this show on the road and traveled to visit with Ken Mattingly at Old Louisville Brewery located just off the beaten path in Old Louisville. A slight exaggeration, but they really are just off the beaten path within shouting distance of Central Park in the heart of a neighborhood full of eclectic styles, historic restored Victorian mansions and, of course, a delightful craft brewery. Old Louisville Brewery reeks of the old charm that permeates the surrounding area. Ken was nice enough to sit down with me and have a beer and a conversation. 

They recently celebrated their sixth anniversary of opening the first tap and it appears they are on the verge of outgrowing the space. So much so that they opened the Barrel Room at 622 Main St in Shelbyville, KY on March 19th, 2022. I look forward to traveling for a tour there soon. The bar in Old Louisville is a cozy and charming little spot reminiscent of the local taverns of yore. Originally a shotgun house built, presumably, in the 1890’s that was turned into a small grocery store in the 1920’s. The arch behind the bar had to be moved and it was a bit of genius to let it show its wear by not painting it. The arch shows its years with flecks of paint like the wrinkles in a wise grandparent that always has a story or a tidbit of wisdom. If only it could talk. The bar itself and the tables are all reclaimed wood from the original structure. I can’t imagine how many hours were spent on the floor. Truly a labor of love, love of beer. Ken gets into more details about the remodel in the above video and below is a quick tour of the inside and outside.

They had three or four of their own brews on tap as well as offering a Rhingeist IPACountry Boy LagerWest Six Porter, as well as a handful of other premium choices. You will be surprised to know that they even have Bud Light for that oh so not sophisticated Bud Light only snob. Something for every type of beer snob. Of course, I had to sample a beer or two. My choice was the Tropical Blonde Ale with 4% ABV. It starts subtle and has a smooth finish. It seemed simple at first, but it has hints of mango and is more complex than my first impression. The Tropical Blonde Ale is a fantastic beer and my new favorite local craft beer. Maybe it was the hot day, but I remember thoroughly enjoying the smooth finish. If you like a quality beer then I highly recommend making a trip to Old Louisville Brewery. Check out their current beer list here: Craft Beer on tap.

It was a beer adventure to remember. Ken was a gracious host and an all-around pleasant fellow. He represents the beer community in a positive light that lends credence to my hypothesis that the craft beer clique is filled with friendly and laid-back people. He certainly is dedicated to his craft as he lives two hours away and somehow still brews the beer. The first five years of Old Louisville Brewery, he was a science teacher and assistant coach for the 2011 state champion girls’ basketball team for Rockcastle County, KY. Teacher, coach, brew master; what will he do next?  As the Walter White of craft beer once said, “Good beer makes good neighbors”.     

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