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It was a beer adventure to remember courtesy of the cast of characters at Lemons Mill Brewery in Harrodsburg, KY. I don’t think I have laughed as much as I did with these guys at any other interview. Four similar, yet very different, owners have come together to create this hidden gem. It doesn’t look like much on the outside but once you cross that threshold, you will find yourself immersed in a beer oasis. You can hear in their own words in the video below how they came up with the name and how they got started. Also, if you would like to learn more about this craft brewery, please visit their website at: Lemons Mill Brewery

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Let’s talk about my favorite subject. Beer. At the time of my visit, they had twelve or so different options on tap. According to Keith, head brewer, their beer philosophy is that anyone that walks in will enjoy all of the beers they offer. Even the styles that aren’t a personal preference are still easy drinking. There are even a couple choices for people who don’t like beer such as mango infused, for example. I started with the H2A2 blonde ale which reminded me a lot of the Cougar Bait by Country Boy Brewing. I am a big fan of blonde ales, and I was not disappointed. A nice clean finish with a subtle after taste that left me wanting more. The H2A2 is the perfect choice for someone trying beer for the first time. It seems simple but is far from it. Next, I let them pick one for me. I was a little worried at first because they poured me a dark amber ale which is not my usual first option, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was lighter than expected with little hints of coffee and caramel. The Bollocks Dark Amber Ale was a real treat. Although, when I am trying to discern the notes in any given beer, I always struggle with what is truly there. Until a head brewer tells me what I am supposed to find and then suddenly, there it is. I often wonder if these craft beer guys are planting subliminal hints and playing with my mind. Oh well, probably never know. Let them play their little games while I enjoy being a subject of their exbeeriment.


One last point about Lemons Mill Brewery. I found it interesting that the four owners have different skill sets and different personalities. Jay handles the business side and works to keep them out of trouble. Steve is the handyman or the guy that makes things work. Keith is the head brewer and crafts the beer. Lemayne(Doc) is the bullshit artist(sales). This is a snapshot of what skills it takes, among others, to open and operate a craft brewery. Just like running any business, brewery owners have to wear a lot of hats and have to be good at a lot of things. Just because you can craft a great beer doesn’t mean you can manage a brewery. Like many things in life, it takes a lot of hard work, effort, and an abundance of abilities to sustain a successful brewery. 


I want to thank the crew at Lemons Mill Brewery, and I appreciate them taking the time to sit down and have a beer with me. I had a great time and a couple of great beers. I hope to visit again sometime soon. If you would like more information about the cast and crew of Lemons Mill Brewery in Harrodsburg, KY please visit their website at:


Lemons Mill Brewery

166 Marimon Ave #12

Harrodsburg, KY 40330


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