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I love these little trips in search of good beer. I never know what I am going to bump into and that is what makes it interesting. Every one of the craft breweries I have visited have something unique. Henderson Brewing Company was brought to life by a Facebook post. That post brought five local families together to create the first commercial brewery in Henderson, KY in over 80 years. In fact, the building they are in was built in 1892 and for most of its existence has been a bar or tavern. I am fascinated by the teamwork involved to keep the beer flowing. They should do a TED talk about teamwork.

Doug Laramie, Head Brewer, is a font of knowledge about the brewing of beer but also about the history of beer in Kentucky. Of all the interviews I have conducted, I feel like I learned the most speaking with Doug. For example, I have been drinking beer for quite a few years now but I never knew that the Kentucky Common style was first brewed in Louisville, KY. How could I not know this? I need to do more studying. Doug has a few other tidbits to share, especially about beer philosophy in the video below. 

Henderson Brewing Company has twelve beers on tap and I was able to try two of their offerings. The Kentucky Common is similar to an amber cream ale. It has hints of caramel and has a slightly dry finish at the end because of the corn used in brewing. It had a satisfying dry finish with a lingering caramel and some other hints I couldn’t identify. I moved on to the Edgewood before I could have another. The Edgewood is a Czech Pilsner and has a subtle sweetness. It is fermented for five weeks in total with two weeks of fermentation and is lagered for three weeks which gives it the unique and “bend of the river” character. It is a surprise that so many complex flavors can be brought together using simple ingredients. A testament to the skills of the head brewer. If you want more information about their current selection on tap, please visit their website at: Craft Beer Menu

The future looks bright for the Henderson Five and their little craft brewery. They have plans to distribute the popular Bridgeview for carry out and hopefully we will be able to find them in our local liquor store soon. Also, Doug has started a fledgling fermentation science program with a handful of other western Kentucky breweries at Madisonville Community College. We may have to refer to Doug as Professor Laramie if the class is as successful as the craft brewing company. My one regret is that since they are two hours away it is hard to visit on a regular basis. So many good beers, so little time. Sounds like an excuse to go on a day trip to check out Henderson, KY and end the day drinking an Edgewood or a Trixie’s Alibi. Thank you Doug for being so generous with your time.

If you would like more information about Henderson Brewing Company, brewers of fine beers,  please visit their website at: http://www.hendersonbrewco.com/

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