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new craft brewery

I had the distinct pleasure of visiting the latest and greatest tea and taproom in Russel, KY. Eridanus Brewing is better described as a craft beverage brewery versus a craft beer brewery. There are craft beers brewed on-site but they also offer handcrafted teas using locally sourced herbs, flowers, and fruit. They truly have a little something for everyone.

new craft brewery

Kristen and Justin were looking for something unique when thinking about what to call their new endeavor. Eridanus is a constellation and it is represented as a river which is appropriate since the Ohio River is a stone’s throw away. Justin tells the story of where the name comes from and how to pronounce it in the accompanying video.

new craft brewery

Their first batch of on-site beer was started on the 6th of February 2022 and will be ready for the public in approximately three weeks from that date. They plan to offer six unique styles of their own craft beer on tap. They will have other select beers from other select breweries. I did get a chance to try a sample of the Chessie Blonde and the Red Devil Ale. I am a big fan of Blond Ales but it was cold that day and for some reason the Red Devil Ale felt better. A hint of caramel with a subtle finish. Both were excellent but I am looking forward to the first batch of blond ale they have brewing as of this writing. If you are a beer aficionado and are anywhere near Russell, KY you need to add Eridanus Brewing to your list of places to visit. Craft Beers Menu.

The tea and coffee menu is extensive and has too many choices to mention but we tried the Jasmine black and the Caramel Rooibos. Both were excellent but the Caramel Rooibos was something special. It was oddly calming, almost soothing. Kristen has obviously put a lot of thought into the holistic aspects of the products they offer. Each and every one is handcrafted with the ingredients coming from local sources. Tea and Coffee menu.

We did not try any wines but we did try a sample of one of the specialty slushy drinks. I felt like a big kid with a summertime slushy treat with the added bonus of having alcohol in it. I bet these will be a big summer time favorite. They have available a handful of local wines as well as some imports. A nice mix to choose from. Wine & Specialty Drinks menu.

My go-to normally is straight for the beer cheese and pretzels but I was convinced to try the smoked trout dip. I was not disappointed. When they brought it out I was afraid to touch it because it looked too good to eat. It looked like a prop for a commercial. We spent 5 minutes taking pictures before we tasted it. Believe it or not, that dip was the highlight of the day. I know that sounds hard to believe but I’m telling you that dip is worth the trip. I know that you are thinking I was there for the drinking and there is some truth in that but I have to report on whatever tickles my fancy and that dip tickled my fancy.

new craft brewery

As a bonus, there is a local food truck there permanently that is managed by Kristen’s family. The Dragonfly Outdoor Cafe has a lunch and dinner menu with local favorites such as fried green tomatoes and fried deviled eggs. Small Bites Menu.

new craft brewery

I would be remiss not to mention the building, an old train station, that Eridanus Brewery calls home. The old train station has to be one hundred years old and has character to spare. There is the original safe from when it was a working train station that looks heavier than Thor’s hammer and don’t forget to ask about the bullet hole in one of the interior windows. Rumor has it that some ne’er-do-well insulted Justin’s latest brew and a warning shot was needed to run off the tasteless fool. That could be a slight exaggeration and I may have started that rumor so if you ever repeat it you need to start with, “Rick said…”, and end with, “Rick had a couple beers when he said that.” More likely had something to do with the mafia that used to travel through that area running liquor up to Chicago during prohibition or that is what they say.

It was a beer adventure to remember. Eridanus Brewery is a three hour drive from Louisville, KY and if you are going in that direction or live anywhere close it is worth visiting. It is only 20 minutes from Interstate 64 so it is not far off the beaten path. The atmosphere as well as the beverages will make for a memorable trip. Lilia and I would like to thank Kristen and Justin for their hospitality. They were fabulous hosts and fun to sit and chat with while having a well crafted beverage.

If you would like more information about Eridanus Brewing please visit their website at .

new craft brewery
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