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My favorite thing to do. A beer adventure. A beer adventure to remember with one of the best craft breweries in Northern Kentucky. Yes, my opinion is a bit biased, they were nice to me, and they gave me beer. I will not apologize for my happiness. I haven’t been to every craft brewery, but I have been to a several so I get to have an opinion. Don’t believe me? Visit ABC for yourself. I am sure you will find something that tickles your palate. Not to mention, Andy has earned his stripes by being voted best brewery in Northern Kentucky in 2019, 2021, and 2022.

Andy and Ann Reynolds were gracious, and I appreciate that they took the time to hang out with me and have a beer. Ann graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a degree in social work. I get the feeling that Ann is the driving force behind the entire operation. I imagine she is there when the boulder is at the top of the mountain to help Sisyphus (Andy) with the final push over the top. Andy served in the military as a combat engineer and did two tours in Iraq. On returning, he struggled with the transition from the military to civilian life as many combat veterans so often do. He found in the brewing of craft beer the focus and sense of mission that helped him find a fulfilling path. Shortly after returning he attended the Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago to hone his craft. There, he set upon the mission of finishing his business plan with the help of Ann and Brad Martin, the Reynolds’ business partner, to open Alexandria Brewing Company.


Let’s talk about beer. I sampled a flight from their lineup of approximately 16 beers they have on tap. I want to start with the Infinite Zest Lime Basil Ale. You read that right. They offer, for a limited time, a lime basil ale. I was worried it was going to be overwhelming and I would have to rationalize some way to not disparage their creation and to be fair, according to Andy, there is no middle ground. People that try it either hate it or love it. It was not over the top basil. I found it to be flavorful and delightfully unique, but I wouldn’t suggest more than two. Next, I tried the Alexandria Amber which is a red ale. It was dry at the end so I bet it would pair well with food such as a cheeseburger or even better, a nice steak. The food and the beer would complement each other and bring out the flavors of both. The amber may be my favorite of the beers that I tried. It is easy drinking with a complex mix of tones and flavors that will keep you coming back for more. I kept chugging along by testing the Camel Applelicious Ale. It gets in your nose quickly and is juicy with a hint of caramel. The finish settles down and is subtle, so it isn’t too sweet. My last brew was the Regular Domestic Beer. It is so new they haven’t named it yet. Andy and I discuss it at length in the above video. Unfortunately, that is as far as I got into their beer selection. They offer a wide variety of excellent craft beers. They have something for everyone. Visit there website to learn more about the craft beers and other specialty drinks they offer: Craft Beer Menu


It was a beer adventure to remember. Alexandria Brewing Company is a family friendly craft brewery with plenty to offer. They have games for the kids (including the big kids) as well as a wide selection of craft beers and adult beverages. Their goal is to be a benefit to the community, enjoy some rock and roll, and share a beer with all that visit. Thank you, Andy, for your service and thank you both for putting up with me. If you are anywhere near Cincinnati, OH or Northern Kentucky you have to stop by and have a cold one.

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